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Derived from the Malay language, the Singlish (aka Singapore English) colloquialism ulu is used as an attribute for areas that people here deem to be remote and rural, a bit backward and undeveloped.
The label ulu is generously applied to any out of the way place where nature is still somewhat untamed and wild. Really ulu places have plenty of wilderness and rustic charm to offer, but only limited mobile coverage and they lack basic amenities of civilization, such as air-con or MRT stations.
Contrary to popular belief there are still places left in Singapore that match the above description.

Oriental Whip Snake




Tucked away in the remote corners of the island mangrove swamps, coral reefs and rainforests survive and thrive. They provide a place to unwind and a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of downtown Singapore with its sparkling shopping centers and popular tourist haunts.
The nature reserves of Singapore still harbour an amazing diversity of tropical flora and fauna and offer a rare opportunity to enjoy the splendour of the tropics in a safe and comfortable environment. And less than an hour's ride from the city center, they can easily be explored on short visits and are thus ideal for business travellers, stopover tourists and families with kids.

Singapore's nature places have so much to offer: to help you get the most out of your stay, Ulu Singapore introduces you to some of the island's hidden gems off the beaten tourist track.
Join a guided nature walk and find out about Singapore's natural heritage. Marvel at the ingenious strategies plants and animals have developed to cope with the challenges thrown at them by the conditions in their habitats. Don't miss the fun - there's a world full of wonders out there.
Why not add a pinch of adventure your stay? Singapore's "wild" side lies waiting to be discovered!



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